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Breaking curses and vows from your past is a big part of the journey to freedom. The lies you’ve believed from your past will hold you back from walking in your true identity and purpose in the present, and will keep you from walking in God’s promise for your future. But learning to recognize these lies, and learning to overcome them and replace them with God’s truth, is a huge leap forward on your way.

Where the lies of your past may have told you that you can’t do it, God’s truth will give you the courage to walk the narrow path He’s showing you. Where the lies have said that you aren’t worthy, God’s truth calls you His beloved and gives you the confidence to stand your ground. Where the lies have made your road imprisoning and unbearable, God’s truth will set you free.
It’s not easy, and it’s not comfortable to look at your past this way, but be encouraged—you’re taking back a lot of ground here. Overcoming these lies is a great victory, and has demonstrated in you great courage and great faith and great trust. But great as it may be, we mustn’t stop here. There’s lots more ground to conquer. So let’s look at another obstacle that’s been keeping us back—addictions—and let’s keep moving forward to see the even greater levels of freedom that God has in store.
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