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When you trust God to let you hurt, He will bring redemption to your suffering, and that redemption is both powerful and glorious. Not only is it a testimony of God’s goodness in your life, but it also becomes a testimony for others. You see, with redemption comes authority. When by God’s strength we overcome an enemy, God also gives us authority over it, and we can wield that authority when we encounter that enemy again, even when it is attacking someone else, whom we love.
Several years ago was the last time I (Matthew) asked God the question of why He let so much bad happen to me (His answer has stuck with me ever since), and He revealed to me a part of my calling “to be free and to set others free” that I live by every day. I know that God is using the authority He has given me over my enemies to set others free and it gives a whole new meaning to all that I went through. Suddenly my pain has a purpose, and it was all worth it to see others receive their freedom. Sure, there are still things I’ve lived through that I can’t see a clear reason for yet, but knowing that they are unto something greater gives me peace of mind that allows me to trust more fully in God.
God will redeem the things of your past. He will trade in your suffering for joy and your mourning for dancing. He will give purpose to your pain. You may not see it now, but God is producing something in you through your pain, and He may even be turning your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strengths. Why do you think there’s been so much attack on certain areas of your life? The enemy knows where you can inflict the most damage to his empire, and he tries to wipe out your strength from the very start, before it even has time to develop. But when you allow God to work in these areas of your life, He will take them and will turn them around and make your test into your testimony.

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