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We Are Enjoyable

I so enjoy the way God is portrayed throughout the creation story. Even before there was light, we see a picture of God, as His Spirit hovers over the waters. Throughout the days of creation, God took that which was “formless and empty” and began to fill it with beauty, with majesty, and with life. And every day, He said it was good.

Still, on the last day of creation, He made mankind and He said it was very good. And out of all creation, with hundreds of billions of galaxies and planets, and even with all the earth He created, God chose the garden where we lived to walk around in the cool of the day (Genesis 3:8). Of all the places for Him to hang out, He chose to be with us. Throughout the entire story, we see just how much God delights in His creation. He thoroughly enjoys us!

But it’s so easy to think at times that God is just putting up with us. It’s easy to think of God as frustrated with His creation, perhaps even regretful, and that at any time, He’s just going to say He’s had enough, snap His fingers, and we’ll all disappear into dust. Now surely throughout the Scriptures we see God’s wrath and frustration toward His people when they turn away from Him (and yes, it’s coming again for those who oppose Him), but it was for those same people that He sent His son, because He so loved them (John 3:16).

God is God, and He doesn’t have to dwell among us if He doesn’t want to. No one is forcing His involvement with mankind. No one is forcing Him to keep His promises or to play out His will on the earth. He has infinite possibilities to create and to get what He wants. And He still chooses us.

From that, I can draw only two conclusions: either God is crazy, or we must be enjoyable, loveable—even delightful. Think about it. If the God of the whole universe loves you and me, we must really be something special!

Since man’s first sin, our perception of ourselves has leaned more toward our fall than our redemption, but no more. If we are at all to understand the journey ahead, we need to start believing that we, the children of God, are His greatest delight—better than the ocean—better than the mountains—better than a 50 percent-off sale at your favorite department store—better than ice cream!

We are something very special, and God loves us! He loves spending time with us. He loves talking with us. He loves when we sing Him songs and paint Him pictures and dance for Him. He loves when we laugh and have fun with Him.

That’s why He created us. That’s why He left everything else to walk with us in the garden during the cool of day. That’s why He sent His son to die for us. That’s why He walks with us still. He enjoys us!

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